Adult Zen Do Kai

Zen Do Kai has been one of the best known and largest martial arts in Australia since 1970. It is also still the most popular system at our club.

​Traditional values - modern skills.

ZDK is an all rounded martial art that includes the modern techniques of Muay Thai and boxing then blends them with other skills such as; Ground fighting (wrestling), locks, holds, throws, self-defence techniques, weaponry, pressure point strikes, multiple attack drills, meditation and much more.

Techniques are explained in detail ensuring a greater understanding and a safe environment.


We also work on personal development via the 8 principles of the BUSHIDO code.


*In Zen Do Kai we wear belts to denote our level of achievement. We all start as white belt, the first level we are assessed for is Yellow. To receive a yellow belt you must show the skills you will have learnt, such as  to move in a balanced fashion, the first basic punches and defences and self defence 360 block. You will also need to demonstrate physical strength in our basic exercise program.​

The best way to start in Martial Arts

our innovative 5 week beginner programs. 

What you get with our Zen Do Kai Martial Arts, beginners course:

  • 5 x 1 hour Small group training with a certified instructor ($200 value)

  • Karate uniform - known as a Gi ($85 value)

  • Training Bag ($10 value)

  • Black Belt passport (Training Guide)

  • Membership Card

  • A certificate of completion.

  • An invitation to be assessed for your first level in Zen Do Kai.* 

  • A fitter, stronger more confident you (priceless)

All for just $120!

Course dates:



We welcome you to come and look at one of our Zen Do Kai classes before joining to ensure you are happy prior to making any payment, you can even be fitted for you Gi (uniform).


Upon completion of the course you can train up to three times a week Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Our club prides itself on our friendly all encompassing community.

Classes at SMAC are a great release from the stress of work and daily life. They give you time to recommit to your self and your development.

Our instructor’s expectations are high and our students rise to meet them. The limitation's you think you have.... don't exist.

***IMPORTANT*** Please use the paypal Pay Now button on this page. Make sure you do this early, as late registrations may not be accepted.


2/5 Simcock Street, Somerville 3912.

Victoria, Australia.​​

Tel:(03 5977 7055)

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